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History brief: I have been a tradeshow and special events manager for 15 years. In that time I have planned and managed attendance at over 1000 tradeshows and events. One year ago we all know what happened to change the world. I have waited until now to start moving forward with no looking back! I have been planning and strategizing my next steps. I did get my DES, Digital Event Strategist, certification during this time. Virtual “tradeshows” and “events” have been a great place card while we plan to get back to face to face. But now it is time to plan meetings and attendance at face to face tradeshows.
In the past we planned which tradeshows we would be going to months in advance. We planned for sponsorships and hosting events months in advance. Many shows are going to open for some face to face by third quarter, just 3 months away.
Where are you in your planning? Making your choices? Are you tip toeing into this or are you going to make a big splash. Either way the better the plan that is put in place the better the results. It is time to move forward, plan and have a strong return to meeting and finding our clients!